Bee Flignt.HEIC

The bee is small among flying creatures, 

but her product is the best of sweet things.

Sirach 11:13

St Francis and bees...

Once a little cell was made on a certain mountain. In it the servant of God did penance rigorously for a period of forty days. After that span of time was over he left that place, and the cell remained in its lonely location without anyone taking his place. The small clay cup from which the saint used to drink was left there. Now, some people one time went to that place out of reverence for the saint, and they found that cup full of bees. With wonderful skill they had constructed the little cells of their honeycomb in the cup itself, certainly symbolizing the sweetness of the contemplation which the holy one of God drank in at that place.


The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul by Thomas of Celano CXXVIII, 169

Bee Landed.HEIC
Corner Garden.HEIC

Corner garden, Dorcas & Montague, Thursday 8th day of lockdown

The bee is such a humble creature, taken for granted, hardly noticed, yet it goes about its business of pollinating the flowers so that our parish garden may bloom.


We may be in lockdown and yet just a few metres from the front door is an invitation to contemplation and wonderment:


A humble bee sighted in the garden this morning.


Blessed be the ladies who tend such a beautiful garden!

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