LENT 2022


Mondays of Lent


The format is simple. It consists of listening and reflecting together in small groups to scripture. The scripture will be the bible readings for the coming Sunday of Lent. Prayerfully listening and reflecting together can assist us in our journey of Lent towards the central celebration of the year, Easter.


Some printouts of the scripture passages will be available but you may find it easier bringing your own bible or Sunday Missal.

3rd Sunday Lent

 Thread: Prepare ourselves for the journey that there will be hardships and sufferings. But take heed and repent- for through sufferings and God’s grace we can bear fruit.


Reflection: In my daily life, what do I need to change and repent from in order to bear fruit?


Live the Word Challenge: Recognize when I am grumbling and discontent then give those up to God.

Stations of the Cross

Friday evenings of Lent at 6.30pm

Each evening a different Way of the Cross will be used. They are taken from the previous years of the Way of the Cross that is held in Rome every year on Good Friday. They are beautifully prepared reflections that can help dispose out hearts to the grace that the journey of Lent offers to us as prepare together for the great feast of Easter.